DuraFIRM 240ml Dye Bulk Ink

  • 4 Years Shelf Life
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Light Cyan


240ml of ink - ideal for the high volume user who simply can't afford to run out of ink. Durafirm Technology ink is a multi-brand ink. The chemicals used in this ink make it an excellent ink for all inkjet printers (HP cartridges, Lexmark cartridges, Epson cartridges, Canon cartridges, Brother and all other inkjet ink cartridges). The prints are vibrant and bright, the printed results are up to 3 x more archival than most of the original OEM inks (archival means your prints wont fade as fast as they do when you print with regular HP ink or regular Lexmark ink etc.). This is a great quality if you print a lot of photos that sometimes fade with sunlight exposure! What's more, the inks dry fast and are smudge resistant on all high quality photo papers, they are even completely WATERPROOF on our Durafirm quality glossy photo paper! This means the inks wont run, whether you have sweaty fingers or whether you accidentally drop your glass of water on your photos, they wont smudge (complete waterproof qualities only when you print with Durafirm ink on Durafirm paper, but with other papers they will still be more smudgeproof than original inks). Buy Durafirm ink and see for yourself why so many professional remanufacturers are switching to our ink.

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  • Refills: 12 to 16
  • Shelf Life: 4 years
  • Formula: DuraFirm Technology / UV Resistant
Item #: 110-109-01 (Light Cyan)