Glossy Photo Printer Paper (8.5x11 in, 25 sheets/pack) - DuraFirm Technology Premium Quality photo paper

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Durafirm Technology paper has archival qualities (does not fade), is smudge resistant and waterproof when printed with Durafirm Ink! SUPER QUALITY WATERPROOF COLORFAST PAPER. This heavy photo glossy paper is specially coated to produce a high gloss finished image that resembles a truly photographic appearance. Waterproof colors will not run, are fade resistant, color fast and archival (last up to 3 times longer!). Durafirm paper is our premium quality photo paper.

FadingIf you expose a picture printed with Durafirm Technology ink and Durafirm paper to sunlight, it will last up to 3 times longer than regular ink on regular photo paper! Even if you print with regular ink on Durafirm paper your prints will last up to 2 times longer than regular photo paper!

Example 2:
Waterproof Let's say you are sitting at your computer sipping your favorite cold beverage, printing a picture of your vacation. You take a sip, your fingertips are moist from the moisture on the glass and then you touch your newly printed picture. With ordinary paper the ink would run, but with DuraFirm paper and DuraFirm ink it is waterproof therefore, your picture has not been affected!

This item contains: 25 sheets DuraFirm Technology Paper (size: 8.5x11 in, thickness: 9.5mil, brightness: 102, 25 sheets)

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